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Free Online Tools For Developers

My name is Roberto CORRADO. I was born in Biella and raised in Cossato in Piedmont Italy.

If you need me to work and new project you can find me at my house in Cossato Biella satellite coordinates: 45.558902, 8.201483

Available for new alliance

This is a picture of me after see my french friends (old and ex naturally) at the age of ~30 or thereabouts
(a long time ago...).

I'm an Italian Sysadmin and scripters writers (self-taught), also old known as "The Cat",
Gatto in Italian language.

I'm very passionate about linux, I love programming languages, code quality and best practices
of scripting {php, perl, python and bash}.

I created this website to help developers by providing them with free online tools.

This site is written with LOVE in full no-evil philosophy.

I ♥: LOVE! {2♥^n∞}


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